AVA Pro Audio enjoys an international reputation for supplying award winning, Patent protected professional loudspeaker systems across the spectrum of live sound and installation applications. It is now also the recognized global leader in optimised line array technology.

The company was founded in 2018 by engineering maestro Mohammad Ail Moghimkhani. His vision was to enable bands to play to larger audiences and be properly heard for the first time.

The reputation of Ava Pro Audio speakers quickly grew and soon we were producing world class touring systems for the super groups of the day, including Pink Floyd, The Who and Super tramp.

We are very proud of this heritage and Mohammad Ali’s central philosophy of the importance of the audience experience has remained. Our mission is for every member of the audience to enjoy an exceptional sonic experience, whether that is at a concert, nightclub, house of worship or bar. We call this “Unite Your Audience” and all our loudspeakers are designed to give class-leading coverage and consistency for different applications combined with Ava Pro Audio’s signature sound quality.