Sound is an integral part of life. So, the subject of sound and its quality has long been a subject of interest and this has led many institutions (research, scientific, industrial, commercial,…) around the world to devote their efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of audio equipment.

About AVA


It was in the middle of 2015 that the founder of AVA Pro Audio, by facing the professional audio equipment and its services in Iran market, which was significantly away from the audience demand, thought of producing more efficient speakers and related equipment that cover’s clients need and sound tastes.
After months of study and talking with the many of professionals of the industry, by inviting some of the motivated and sprightly experts in April 2016, AVA Pro Audio Research and Development Team was formed and after the design and prototyping stages, in the middle of 2017 or more precisely, In July 2017, the production line of professional outdoor speakers was launched and distributed.
AVA Pro Audio young team, but familiar with the current knowledge and audio technology, started its work in a small shed and in a short period of time, by offering quality products and valuable consumer support, increased the variety and circulation of products and today proudly succeeds in attracting and accompanying a large number of sound well-known professional engineers in the country.
Now, AVA Pro Audio is grateful to all those who accompanied and supported it on this not-so-easy path and is taking more firm and determined steps towards becoming better and the best.

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    About AVA


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